Assembly and Installation

Shipments with furnishing carriers

To help you identify the required assembly typology easily we have studied a classification applied then to every product: there are some little drills which give an indication growing some assembly requirements. In any case assembly instructions are normally included.

Normally most of our products travel pre-assembled, the assembly therefore consists normally in gathering already definite pieces.


 Missing Assembly: All the products which do not need any assembly or mount themselves with simple operations which do not require special knowledge or specific tools as chairs, armchairs, pouf, comò, bedsides tables, small tables, and generally oggettistic. Produced assimilable whats ask operations as banal as the fixing with screws of the seat of a chair to the relative structure.  Some articles can require the help of a second or third person for the delivery to the plan or the removal from the burlap.

 Easy Assembly: Are included in this category usually the extensible tables, the lamps and the shelves. Other example containers are the elements or takes tv to support to the ground. This type of assembly does not require the other people's help and the use of some tool can be required as screwdrivers or nut runner.

Average Assembly: Are included in this category the equipped walls, the filtering cloaks and a few bookshops. Necessary 2 people do not tight agree but a collaborator is heartily recommended for who has little experience. Instructions are articulate but clear. For these products the use of the drill is often required for the wall fixing of elements suspended with fischer, operation which obviously requires the specific tool and special attention while making the holes. It is consulted, even if not tight necessary, the electrical nut runner.

Elaborate Assembly: The products with Elaborate Assembly, for instance the wardrobes and the beds require at least 2 people and is recommended, if not experience specifies in the furnishing, at least a marked practical sense with the relative manual dexterity. In this case specific tools can also be required, even if as in general use, as the drill (for suspended elements) or the nut runner (to accelerate any ones several operations).


Mobilitalia offers the service of assembly, thanks to the twenty-year experience of the company Roman Group in the removal sector. You can ask for an estimate for the assembly of your bought furniture just, in any zone of Italy and Europe, contacting us at the telephone number 049 5793927 or to the mail address.