Kristalia Design

KRISTALIA was founded in 1994 by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz.

At present, KRISTALIA srl is composed of and led by people who are motivated and highly involved in the development plans.

Strategies analysed by the owners are implemented only after they are presented to the entire staff.

This constant search for a team spirit, a spirit in which to take as many challenges as possible, creates enthusiasm and dedication.

Starting from the end of the 90's, with the creation of a definitive company organization, the desire arose to pursue a new path, and to go after young customers who were not necessarily bound to tradition, offering a product with aesthetic and qualitative characteristics especially close to contemporary Italian design.

Today KRISTALIA offers a vast collection of top design products (tables, chairs, seating systems, office armchairs, stools, complementary furnishing items and lights), which have a simple line and are easy to position.



Chair BOUM



From €350.00

Chair FACE


Chair JOKO



From €290.00



Stool BCN

From €254.00

Stool BOUM


Stool DART


Stool JOKO


Coffee Table CU