The essence collection, exclusive for Mobilitalia, is the perfect expression of design and the artisan capacity which mark the Made One In Italy. This line inspires himself in the concept of "soul" contained in the matter, of which it puts all the best characteristics in light. The oak solid wood trunks, suitably selected between the richest of veinings and characteristic shades than the wood, they are then moulded by expert hands, which work in harmony with advanced technological tools, to give life to true and real works of art. The assembly at 45th and the gluing to three layers make this furniture, besides aesthetically perfect, also stable and lasting in the time.

Column BABEL


Bookcase GEA

From €1737.00

Cupboard YAVEL

From €1670.00

Equipped Wall CONARTE 01


Equipped Wall CONARTE 02




Coffee Table PETRA

From €600.00



Table WILD


Cabinet MARSIA