The Falmec cloaks equipped with the innovative E.ion System air purification system, cleaning up and assembly simplicity ensure air as they do not need pipes of link to the outside one.

The E.Ion System system allows in fact the cloak to breathe in the air, filtering it inside the body plots thanks to riequilibrazione of the amount of positive and negative ions associated with the filtering through filters in zeolite, and at last reput the regenerate air in the environment. Therefore the cloak can be inserted in any context without the masonry job constraints!

The "leaf sensor" present on the cloak shows the quality of the air present in the environment.

Ions are also called "air vitamin" thanks to the beneficent effects which produce both on the air quality, removing the polluting agents, be on the energy and the wealth of the people.

And scientifically shown that the right ion balance in the air produces good mood and allows a pulling down of the smells up to 95%.

Filter Hood EOLO


Filter Hood LIBRA


Filter Hood LUMIERE


Filter Hood MARE


Filter Hood MARYLIN


Filter Hood RUBIK


Filter Hood SPRING


Filter Hood TWISTER


Filter Hood ZEPHIRO